Elastic Computing Platform™ Solutions For Service Providers

For Service Providers

 In today's highly competitive environment, carriers, hosting companies, and other service providers are encountering a new challenge. The rise of infrastructure-on-demand services, such as those offered by Amazon, Rackspace, and others represents a threat to existing revenue lines, as well as a significant market opportunity.

Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform, Service Provider Edition, is specifically designed to meet the requirements of carriers, xSPs, and hosting providers who want to offer an Infrastructure-on-Demand or IaaS service to their customers.

Flexible Cloud Service Business & Revenue Models
When designing public-use Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms that are also cost-effective and revenue-generating, the difficulty lies in provisioning resources for both peak and low-volume usage periods while providing an agreed upon minimum service standard.

Enomaly’s ECP is based on two essential principles – oversubscription and quality-of-service quota management, which together enable powerful capacity administration. In a public cloud infrastructure, an oversubscription model depends on the ratio of allocated resources to the maximum peak usage levels, the frequency and volume of peak usage, and the minimum service level agreement. The key is to manage resources around the standard deviation from the normal usage benchmarks while simultaneously guaranteeing a particular quality-of-service for each customer.

Enomaly’s ECP quota system provides a predetermined level of deviation across a specified resource pool of customers. Service Provides can oversubscribe their environments allowing for a variety of pricing & costing schemes to be implemented using a model that incorporates usage tiers, quality-of-service tiers, and the ability to provision additional resources dynamically as desired.

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Learn more about the Enomaly ECP Cloud Service Provider Edition and its simple but powerful customer-self portal.

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