Product Overview

Elastic Computing Platform™ Version 3

The Elastic Computing Platform™ has often been described as the world's first true IaaS platform. First made available in 2005, ECP v1 and v2 product generations were deployed tens of thousands of times around the globe. 

The Elastic Computing Platform (ECP) Version 3 is a full featured cloud computing environment for service providers and Internet Data Centers looking to offer revenue generating cloud services. ECP has been designed to meet the most rigorous of IT demands while also remaining easy to administer and use.

Empowering Simplicity 

We believe that being powerful shouldn't mean being complicated and hard to use. ECP has been designed to empower by providing an intuitive self service interface. ECP enables the easy deployment of hosted cloud applications and more importantly overcome complex IT business problems with out the need of costly "cloud experts" or system engineers. Where other platforms are hard to use, we strive to be easy. No certification or training required, just a few clicks and you are on your way. 

Unified Cloud Infrastructure (as a service)

Everything that can be automated, should be automated. All features and elements of ECP have corresponding API's providing a complete Unified Cloud Infrastructure provided as a service [IaaS]. ECP enables a singular point of contact that encompasses your entire infrastructure. From networking to storage to hypervisors we've got you covered.

Helping You Make Money

ECP was designed to help service providers recover lost revenue opportunities as well as easily create new for profit cloud business services. Service Provides can oversubscribe their own existing in house IT environments allowing for a variety of pricing & costing schemes. ECP can be implemented using any number of economic & business models that can incorporate usage tiers, quality-of-service tiers, and the ability to provision additional physical resources dynamically (just in time hardware procurement).

Unlimited Global Scalability

Geography matters! Computing is quickly becoming global, ECP's carrier-class architecture supports very large cloud platforms, spanning multiple datacenters in disparate geographies around the globe allowing you to scale where your customers are -- anywhere, at anytime.

Application Centric Model

We believe that today's Data Centers are too complicated, so we've set out to develop a platform that focuses on what matters most, the application of your infrastructure, not the management. ECP provides all the necessary tools for helping deploy complex cloud applications, without the need for complicated tools. It just works, it's always available and doesn't fail is our motto. 

Strong Multi-Tenant Security

ECP provides fine-grained multi-level access controls, enabling each customer or user of the cloud platform to access and manage only their own resources.  Network isolation between multiple customers running workloads on the cloud ensures privacy, while enabling the provider the configure an unlimited number of private VLANs for each customer with built-in firewalls.  A hard quota system protects the cloud against misuse or abuse.

Trusted, Secure and Verified

Enomaly ECP High Assurance Edition extends the featureset of the Service Provider Edition with a unique set of high-security capabilities well suited to meet the needs of customers who require a higher level of security than that offered by any of the commodity cloud computing services available in the marketplace.

Monetize Unused Capacity with the Enomaly SpotCloud Market

ECP provides integration into Enomaly’s marketplace for cloud computing capacity. For Cloud Service Providers, SpotCloud drives traffic and revenue to your cloud, and offers a way to monetize cloud capacity that would otherwise go unused.

Elastic Provisioning & Orchestration

ECP's provisioning rules engine is capable of determining the optimal location of each virtual application component. ECP provides the intelligence to ensure an application node is deployed to an optimal physical and virtual location. In addition, ECP is capable of directly modifying an offline VM image, thereby pre-configuring storage, networking, cluster state, etc. for quick deployments, including offsite & maintenance migrations.

Rich Integration with Existing Infrastructure

ECP provides a rich customer-facing API, enabling users to automate the management of their cloud infrastructure,  e.g. for integration with external SLA management or user experience management systems. ECP also provides a powerful back-office facing administrative API, enabling simple integration with providers' provisioning and billing systems and supporting automation of all administrative tasks. ECP is also compatible with many popular cloud providers API's providing a true multi-cloud experience. 

Technology Agnostic

From a Networking and Storage point of view if ECP can see it, we can work with it. ECP supports a variety of the most common hypervisors including Xen, KVM and VMware as well as a highly fault tolerant & distributed Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) with built in fail over capabilities. 

Data Center Intergration Overview