Free SpotCloud Edition

The SpotCloud market platform provides public cloud service providers an easy way to sell unused cloud capacity. With SpotCloud, your capacity is pooled with thousands of regional cloud providers in one simple and structured marketplace, making it much easier for cloud consumers to both discover and buy from you.

Furthermore, SpotCloud enables providers and third-party capacity partners to enrich their cloud services with all kinds of targeted data such as location, price and quality, making it even an even more desirable buy. This enables you to truly maximize the value of your cloud capacity with out worry.

  • Sellers can easily define capacity quotas and utilization levels
  • Costs are easily defined through self service dashboard.
  • Sellers have approval of buyers applications.
  • We handle billing the customers and pay you directly for any capacity sold.

Opaque Market

The service does not identify the participating cloud providers so as not to directly compete with the regular retail sales of cloud services (i.e. an "opaque" sales model, like  Essentially, cloud providers can use SpotCloud to clear out unused capacity and sell computing inventory that would otherwise go unsold, enabling increased utlization and revenue, without undermining their standard pricing. 

See our SpotCloud Provider Pricing Guide

Market Driven Capacity Pricing

Using SpotCloud a service provider is equipped with a price-setting mechanism which sets the current price for the resource based on market conditions, user demand, and current level of utilization of the resource. Pricing can be either fixed or variable depending on the market conditions via an API or web based management platform.

As well as enabling service providers the ability to sell excess computing resources on the SpotCloud platform, buyers using the same interface can continually monitor the marketplace in order to identify the optimum time for buying required computational resources matching suppliers with buyers. 

Billing and Payments

No frontend, billing, or support is required from the service provider. The service is offered without any SLAs or guarantees to end buyers (to keep cost low). Each service provider can select the offered prices for the excess capacity offered through the service and adjust these based on time and utilization. SpotCloud will meter, track, and bill capacity buyers, and pay capacity sellers. All cloud service providers need to do is provide the servers, we'll handle the rest.

Announcing the Free Enomaly ECP SpotCloud Edition (IaaS Platform)

We're happy to announce that we are now offering a Free Enomaly ECP SpotCloud Edition. This is a feature-limited version of the Enomaly Elastic Computing Platformspecifically tailored for cloud providers, as well as private and public data centers looking to sell excess capacity on the SpotCloud market. By simply installing ECP SpotCloud edition on a few spare servers, providers are able to easily participate in the marketplace. No public cloud or payment systems are required. Just a few servers and the Free ECP SpotCloud IaaS software and you're ready to start making money. 

To get access to the ECP SpotCloud Beta, simply register as a seller.