For Enterprise IT

For Enterprise IT

Virtual Infrastructure Management

In the current economic climate, CIOs and enterprise IT organization are continually challenged to do more with less, to deliver massively scalable and reliable systems are lower cost, and to support the relentless drive for business agility. 

Cloud computing offers solutions to many of these challenges, and Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform delivers cloud computing to the enterprise.

Don't let the name fool you -- Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition is also ideal as an internal private cloud platform.

Enterprises today use Enomaly ECP to dramatically lower IT operations  and administration costs, while driving vastly increased business agility. ECP seamlessly delivers self-service access to computing infrastructure for your business users, and simultaneuosly enables you to easily automate infrastructure provisioning based on actual application performance and service levels.

Enomaly also provides in-depth services to help enterprises leverage our cloud computing expertise through strategic planning and readiness assessment for cloud computing. 

In 2010, look also for ECP Data Center Edition, delivering a hybrid cloud model to seamlessly bridge computing tasks between your internal cloud and public cloud computing providers, including those providers using Enomaly ECP.