Elastic Computing Platform™ Strategic Planning Services

Cloud Computing Strategy & Planning

Cloud Computing offers compelling economic advantages and enormous business opportunities, and can bring significant benefits to almost any enterprise, through reduced costs, improved service levels, and greater business agility.  Identifying and properly evaluating the opportunities that cloud computing represents and developing an effective but realistic strategy can be a challenge within a complex IT organization.  Technology groups can face challenges communicating Cloud Computing benefits and securing senior management buy-in.  Like most new technologies, Cloud Computing can require significant changes in business processes, application architectures, technology infrastructure, and operations models that must be properly understood before embarking on any new initiative.   Furthermore, Cloud Computing has the potential to introduce significant new risks into an enterprise if not properly applied and implemented.  Many organizations have limited experience in this field and thus are unsure of how they should proceed.

Enomaly’s Cloud Computing Strategy & Planning services apply the experience and practical lessons learned through Enomaly’s thought leadership role since the earliest days of cloud computing and helping dozens of complex organizations develop comprehensive strategies to leverage the benefits of cloud computing.

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