Cloud Service Provider Edition

Enomaly's Service Provider Edition is our core platform that delivers a complete "cloud in a box" solution for carriers and hosting providers who want to offer an Infrastructure-on-demand (IaaS) service to their customers. Enomaly ECP Service Provider Edition provides a powerful but simple customer self-service interface, a customer-facing REST API, theme engine, strong multi-tenant security, a hard quota system, and flexible integration with your billing, provisioning, and monitoring systems, and leverages our robust provisioning and orchestration engines, already used by 15000 organizations around the world.

Service Provider Edition: Customer Self-Service Interface Screenshots

Customer Dashboard

The first thing a customer sees once logged into the application. The dashboard shows virtual machine command and control operations, VM repository operations and will log system errors. Service providers can add their own content using standard RSS feeds.


Remote Console Window

ECP includes an easy to use remote desktop and command line console system for easy access to VM's, even ones without networks connectivity.


Advanced Disk Management

ECP's advanced disk management provides the ability to easily attach multiple storage volumes to VM's.

EPC's sparse disk support (Thin provisioning) provides the ability for a hosting company to offer more storage than they have physically available.

And rapid VM cloning provides a quick and easy way to duplicate VM's for backup or rapid horizontal scaling of applications.


Flexible Customer Hardware Profiles

ECP allows for users to scale up, as well as scale out, by enabling flexible hardware profiles that can be easily altered by a customer after a VM has been provisioned.

Seamless HA capabilities also ensure that a customer never loses a VM with VM's automatically reprovisioned to other physical hardware in the cloud upon any failures.


VM Management

Customers can manage virtual applications through this easy to use interface. Start, stop reboot and clone virtual machines on any host, anywhere in the world, by selecting single VMs or groups of VMs.


Usage Accounting

The usage accounting screen includes a realtime view of a customer's cloud deployment relative to their purchased capacity (VMs, memory, CPUs, and storage, costs), providing realtime insight into their private cloud.


App Center

Through the ECP App Center, a service provider can publish pre-built cloud applications directly to customers, making them available either free of charge or for a fee. Customers can directly provision VMs on the cloud from this library of pre-existing system images, including both business applications as well as infrastructure components such as load balancers and firewalls.


Virtual Private Cloud (Vlan)

ECP enables security and privacy for each customer's virtual machine workloads using private per-customer VLANs. Once assigned one or more private VLANs, customers can manage the VLAN membership for each of their own VMs as well as offering intergrated physical Load Balancers and firewalls.


Theme Engine

The Service Provider Edition's customer self-service interface is entirely themeable and brandable to reflect the service provider's branding and look & feel. Integrated ECP ThemeRoller provides point and click and design capabilities so you can easily create your own look and feel with no coding required.

Supports IE 7.0+, Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.1+, Opera 9.0+ and Chrome 1.0+.


VM Tagging

ECP provides a simple and easy way to group machines via a user defined tags allowing VM's to be organized into multiple groups through a blog style tagging system.


Multi Language Support

ECP has multilingual support built right in including double byte support for Chinese, Japanese and Korean available out of the box.


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