Cloud Desktops

Self Service Cloud Desktop Infrastructure (CDI)

User Profile
Organizations that wish to consolidate desktop systems into their datacenter and then allow users remote desktop access as a simple and easy to use self service portal.

The problem being addressed
Organizations find supporting desktops, particularly those at partner locations or home offices, expensive to maintain and a security risk. Running applications on a central terminal server and then allowing remote desktop access to that server is a common solution, and ideal for non power users. However power users such as developers need more performance, data isolation, and control (remote reboot) than can be provided by a shared server solution. 

Enomaly and Ericom have partnered to offer a complete turnkey cloud desktop infrastructure (CDI) platform for managed service providers. The solution combines theEricom's PowerTerm® WebConnect with Enomaly's Elastic Computing Platform® (ECP) enabling web hosting firms, data center operators and managed service providers to offer revenue generating cloud desktop services. The joint solution combines broad industry expertise, with proven, reliable, scalable and adaptable technology, into an easy to manage platform. The ECP desktop platform is designed to meet the needs of service providers who are looking for an effective way to generate new revenue opportunities.

CDI is an internet-centric computing approach to desktop management, deployment and delivery that combines the traditional thin-client, utility hosting, infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and cloud storage. It is designed to give system administrators and end-users the best of both worlds: the ability to host remotly managed desktop virtual machines in a data center while giving end users a portable self service PC desktop experience regardless of location -- billed on per usage basis.

We are also very aware of the current realities limiting virtual desktop infrastructures deployment -- they typically require too much upfront capital and complicated integration to make it feasible for most organizations. We believe that the combined Enomaly / Ericom Cloud Desktop platform is an attractive concept because of its potential to streamline management and support, enhance security and – more importantly – reduce IT costs. By leveraging a cloud-based architecture, enterprises can quickly on-ramp to virtual desktops, add or remove desktop capacity on-the-fly, and immediately realize CDI's centralization, security and ease of management. There's no need for building an infrastructure and no complexity. Enterprise IT and end-users simply access a service provider's infrastructure, which already has the capacity and connectivity assets needed to support a high-performing service desktop environment.

Benefits of Desktop Virtualization

  • Anywhere, Anytime Access
    Empowers users with on-demand access to their virtual desktops when they need it, where they need it - from the office, home, road, customer site, etc.

  • Expedite Desktop Deployments
    Enables swift, centralized desktop deployments, updates and maintenance—eliminating the hassle of local PC installations

  • Better Management and Control
    Increases administrator's control over desktop configurations – while enabling desktop customization based on user needs

  • Enhanced Security
    Desktops with applications and data are hosted within the datacenter – protecting sensitive information that would be compromised with stolen laptops or PCs

  • Full PC Desktop Experience
    Virtual desktops maintain the same look and feel of traditional PCs – enabling a quick end user-migration to virtual desktops
  • Rich Integration with Existing Infrastructure
    Support for various hypervisors including Xen, KVM and VMware.

    Monetization and Back office Integration
    Powerful back-office facing administrative API, enabling simple integration with providers' provisioning and billing systems and supporting automation of all administrative tasks.

Technical Features

  • Centralized management and control of large groups of servers and users
  • Comprehensive application compatibility
  • Intuitive user interface including personalized desktop configuration and a web interface
  • Improved user experience through gaining access to applications that cannot reside on the same desktop
  • Group desktop pooling, managed user access and multi-desktop OS support
  • Regulatory compliance. Customizable logging and auditing capabilities
  • Session isolation for better performance and session security
  • Virtual desktop reconnect, maintaining optimal uptime
  • LDAP and Active Directory integration, reducing user management overhead and setup time
  • Web interface and application launcher

Cloud Desktop Broker

Featuring a 'Smart' connection broker, our desktop virtualization solutions provide a unified administrative experience for managing either/both TS session-based remote desktops and virtual machine-based remote desktops.

For more information about Ericom’s VDI connection broker– please visit