ArcusIT, Inc & Enomaly launch First Philippine IaaS Platform

Toronto, Ontario & Pasig City, Philippines

ArcusIT, Inc. launched the first Philippine Infrastructure As A Service platform at the “Certify IT! Tech Leaders’ Series Cloud Computing Now!” held on March 3, 2011 at the Dusit Thani Hotel, Makati City, Philippines.

With cloud computing promising the tech world a new way of doing things, ArcusIT, a Philippine-based cloud infrastructure provider has embarked on a bold venture to offer cloud solutions designed to meet the requirements of Philippine businesses.

ArcusIT aims to serve as an extension or replacement to its customers’ IT organization, providing IaaS, Cloud Storage, DR/BCP services and SaaS solutions that enable clients to focus on their core businesses.

The company’s business and service proposition rose out of the need to make innovative information technologies available to Philippine businesses without the usual huge capital outlays.

ArcusIT’s Cloud Builder allows the easy creation and deployment of computing resources on-demand on a secure, scalable and stable cloud infrastructure paying only for resources actually used.

"The Philippines needed a cloud infrastructure provider that is local. Cloud adopters need to provide clients with lower latency and better application experience. They can now choose a local provider and be much closer to their data, for performance and legal concerns.

To achieve this ArcusIT chose Enomaly to provide us with their proven ECP-SPE solution providing a simple to use yet powerful cloud computing platform. "  said Jojo Colina, CTO of ArcusIT, Inc.

ArcusIT is also proud to put the Philippines on the international list of cloud-enabled countries by participating in Enomaly’s SpotCloud marketplace. This allows any client worldwide access to ArcusIT cloud server resources in the Philippines.

About ArcusIT, Inc.

ArcusIT ( is a Philippine-based cloud infrastructure provider that delivers cloud-computing solutions designed to meet the unique requirements of Philippine businesses. The company provides IaaS, storage, and SaaS solutions that enable our clients to focus on their core businesses.

ArcusIT, whose data facilities are located at data centers in Metro Manila, Philippines and California, USA has over fifteen years of experience in computing hardware, networking, high performance computing and service delivery.
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About Enomaly Inc.
Enomaly (, based in Toronto, Canada, is the leader in empowering telecom and IDC operators to deliver the benefits of Cloud Computing to their customers.  Enomaly’s Elastic Computing Platform (Enomaly ECP) has often been described as the world's first true IaaS platform.

Today, Enomaly ECP 3 benefits from our 6+ years of cloud computing leadership to empower telecom and IDC operators in North America, the UK, Europe, and Asia to deliver some of the world’s most advanced cloud computing services. Enomaly ECP 3 is available in the core Service Provider Edition as well as the security-enhanced High Assurance Edition, which offers a unique set of hardware-based security mechanisms to enable the application of cloud computing for higher-assurance environments.